Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Week, It Went, I Hear It Won't Come Back

The week has gone, it is down the road and over the hill. The time has past the time has flown, where we do not know.
It seems like Sunday was Mother's Day and Mary was here and we had a great breakfast at the Waffle House, which I had never
been. After a great visit with family we took Mary to the Bus to go home for medical tests. I remember working the library in
the afternoon. Monday is a blurr and Tuesday was not much better. Ruth got the coffee pot, coffee, and added items for the
Beginners Class meeting Tuesday night and she met my husband.

Wednesday O Wednesday is a day we can not forget. Hannah was in a recital and had a solo. What a performance those young people put on. We were joined by Gary and Phyllis at the late evening hours at the library as I was talking to a young man named Jose that was studying for his CPA. Jose we wish you well. Maybe we shall see you again.

Thursday was quiet as my world was put on hold. Grandchildren and children and family tend to always come first. Hurray for the ability to realize that is the correct way. I did do an interesting class at the: .

I have grave concerns if family hides to much family back ground history, I also have concerns if some prefer to flaunt it.

There has to be a fine line between what is the correct way to handle some of the new modern things that are
more talked about in society today.

I also say how dare you attack the family for woe it may be you one day. We raise our children and we hope and pray for the
best but what determines if the family turns out on top or in the middle or way down at the bottom.

Genealogy is a study of our families, personal and medical history if your doing it correctly, in my eyes. We may save a
new born knowing what we have learned from the past. We may save our selves with the medical knowledge we learn
from our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and relatives. Prevention is a great thing to be available of.

Surely no one wants to have a child or relative with some of the horrid ailments that abound in our world today.
Some that have been so hidden that few know what causes them or how to handle or deal with them.

I remember one day when the Surgeon General stated, he wanted us to all to write up our medical history so that doctors had more information when dealing with ailments.

It makes me wonder how much faster Cancer, Heart Disease, Mental Illness and all the diseases that have gone away and now are coming back would last if we had cooperation instead of hiding the ailments.

I wonder how others feel about it. Nine people talked about this on Thursday and it was a rather revealing surprise to most of
them. We are who we are. We should always try our best but we surely will not always succeed.

So this week is gone and it will not come back but that does not mean that it won't be repeated down the road somewhere at some time by someone,maybe even myself.

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