Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surnames of Lost Kin

OEN, Hannah born 1826 Germanic Region m Abraham D Young Jr. in Illinois died 29 April 1896 IOWA His second marriage
She supposedly came with two sisters to NY then ILL .

COOK, Abbey b 1739 died 1784 mar to Jesse WRIGHT who was born Pelham, Mass Nov 19, 1749 died 1784
very little data on this family. Bill West has shared some collateral information. Grandmother of Abraham D
Young Jr. above.

MADISON, Susan b 24 Mar 1818 MASS/VT ? m 1832 to Noyes JONES supposedly at Mt Holyoke, MASS( no data found)
her name may have been MATTISON, She also may have been born about 1816/14.
IS she the daughter of MOSES MATTISON and Amy Mattison of Petesburg, NY? Noyes JONES b 31 Mar 1808/9
1809 in Petersburg court records but 1808 on tombstone.
Susan dies 13 Feb 1881 in Chickasaw Co. IA. Her husband dies April 17, 1881.

I would also love a photo of Hannah Oen YOUNG, &/or Susan Madison/Mattison JONES.

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