Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Remember Thy Pillow

I was talking to a friend/ cousin in a chat and we discussed sewing and crafts. This reminded me of the pillow I have from
Grande Riccoli, made by my Aunt Etta from Grande's bed mattress she brought to the states when she was a young married
My Aunt made pillows from the bed for all the grandkids and she had enough to include me, I was not a Grandchild, but I love
that lady like she was mine. She always was glad to see me. I think. Maybe not when I was little but I always enjoyed going to
her little house down on the dairy down the road.

Many years later in life as I was a mid aged teen I would walk next door to the St. Vincent's and visit with her in the rest home. I would take my sister with me. I believe she was near 112 or was when she died.

I never forgot how she said she was glad if she had to be alive it was her body that gave out and not her mind. She shared stories about the family and her travels with me each time I went but once when she had a pneumonia. So gave her quick kiss told her I loved her and left. She later told me it was so good to see me she had been feeling bad and quite blue.

I try to remember the older people because some day our turn may come. They are so full of information and stories and
share a different life with us.

I wonder if our Grandchildren will remember us with any where near that kind of fondness.

Back to pillow, she was from a wealthy family but they still could not afford to bring all her wedding presents to USA.
She brought little furniture but the feather bed she refused to leave behind. Actually caused quite a stir about not letting it stay in Europe. She said if she had to give up her other comforts she was going to have a soft bed.

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