Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer and Surnames

We will be looking at some twists and turns and changes of events as we walk along life's path.

We can plan and place events into motion, Sometimes the events take on another motion with the

help of time and space.

As humans, we can not control what the other may do. We may wish we had more communicative skills to make
things run smooth but we are humans, we must give into that will.

It is a sadness when there is a sickness, there is a sickness when there is no understanding of a time warp event.

The living of one's life involves so many, we do not think of on a day by day.

As we celebrated Mother's Day, others celebrated the moving over to the other side. They probably got the

better deal. For there is all understanding and no judging by others only by ONE.

How is it when one gets a moment to breathe, they can come up saying this should happen that should happen
and it should have already happened. O my, o me that is old news to we.

My it would be nice if the events planned on that day went like a clock from beginning to end. But then, would it be
nice? What interaction would one miss along the way if the day was interrupted and took a different twist.

So with this being Monday Madness I can only say we did what we could until we could not do more. Now we are to move forward and make it happen, which i think can still be.

Things will be changed that is for sure. No one person should carry the load. We are a group and we should
remember that when invited in.

So here comes summer and surnames and places to see, hopefully with an eye to adventure and information to find.
To bring back to our family, to share with others who care, the preparations we are making and with people whom care.

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