Thursday, May 20, 2010

Treasures on Thursday Aunt Etta's book

Treasures on Thursday are some of my Aunt's writing that her son salvaged after a unwelcome camper used some of them for warmth in the fireplace. She wrote often and did many poems, Reader's Digest was one of her favorite homes for her work.

She and my Dad were conspiring to write a book about their life at home. Sad they never did it while she was still well.

She always remembered the quirky events and the weirdest of things. She had a way of putting it on paper that was
always fun to read.

She also wrote a story about the ancestral family on her husband's side but done in hiding. If I had not known much of the family story from Granda Reccaoli (?) Great Grandma, I would not have recognized the story. This lady though not my Great Grandma was my cousins and I remember sharing many hours with her over the years. She was well over 100 when she died, I believe it was a decade later plus one when it was her turn to go home.

To find that my Aunt her Granddaughter in law, wrote about her was fun. Some day I should write about her voyage to America from Italy on the ship and all the things that happened to her just before her marriage and immediately after.

I treasure my feather pillow that came from her feather bed that was shipped to America in the 1890's.

So see with out my Aunt marrying my Uncle Comillo Morelli I would never have known this awesomely interesting lady and my Aunt my not have worked on the book. A true treasure.

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