Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Lineage on My female Line.

Hello world, I have two generations below me now, then myself, then my MOM, then we have Inez Mae SCOTT b 1892 IOWA D 1961 WYO, family was from Pittsylvania Co. VA to Ky to ILL to IA.

her MOM was Ella WARDEN she was born June 1862 we believe she died IOWA. family was from Pennsylvania area.

Ella's MOM was Mary Jane LANGDON B 1835 OHIO, died 20 DEC 1868 IOWA family from Virginia area. Montgomery Co.

Mary Jane's MOM was Artaminta BRAMMER b abt 1797 in Virginia, Her death was in Kansas. Marshall area.

Artaminta's MOM was Mary Ann LEE b 1770 Virginia died 1844 Lawrence Co. Ohio. aged 74.

Mary Ann's MOM was Francis WARD of Norfolk Va area ( per trees on Ancestry but I have not proven yet.)

Now, Francis WARD husband was John Lee b 1745 Patrick Co. VA. believe Francis is second wife.

Now who was Francis WARD's MOM and her DAD?

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