Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Madness Is Almost Past Moyer

It is about to go away and try to come back on another day. Madness, frothing at the mouth, grinning from ear to ear, the day has come and about gone. The sun has set over the pacific and the clouds have been whisked away by the wind we had yesterday.
It was an outdoor day at least. It had drivers in incidents all day. There was way to much beauty out there to see.

I drove to north county region with granddaughter and we took a different route, It turned out we missed the heavy traffic that
was built up on 805. I may just may try that route again.

Since family was under the tree today, I did not do a lot of digging but found in the files we have inherited at the library a line of my family. I have no idea how they fit in this persons tree. I saw nothing in the folders to imply why. Now I sat down and read those files long ago when they first arrived so this was some I most of skipped.

So glad it is the end of another spring & cool day. So Moyer /Myer family why are you there? Maybe as we sift and shift I may find a lead.

Also my brother made it through surgery.

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