Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Fun day, Some day William MORROW

Monday is here, it has arrived, now where is the sun. It is not to be found. It is nice the air has moisture in it.
Would be lovely if we received a wee rain during the night. It messes up the traffic in the day hours badly.

We are awaiting our carriage to be taken away. We are excited to be going.

Monday's Madness is getting everything ready for a fresh start. I found some interesting information on one of our lines
yesterday. I was also informed the evening before of the loss of a dear cousin.

It has been hard getting used to not having him call every few days to see if we had made progress. I really sort a
bogged down with out hearing from him. Now he has gone on to his reward. His suffering is no more and I am sure he
is with his Maker. I had hoped he would get well and go home and start calling me again.

Instead I shared calls with the wife while she gave me prognosis of his situation. This has been so very hard on them.
He leaves behind daughters also, and one nephew that I am aware of.

It just has not been that long since he lost his Mom.

So here is hoping God is treating them well and will help heal the hurt. We never found the MORROW link but we did
find two other line links in our trees. We carry many of the same family stories so I suspect down the road in time
the answers will be found. This all comes from MOM's side of the tree.

He is related to my Hoffman's from my Great Great Uncle's line.

So where is my JOHN MORROW's family? He was born about 1793 unknown where, married 13 May 1820 in Wayne Co., KY
to Patience Tuttle her father being James Tuttle. She was born in Elbert GA and moved to KY with famly.

They had several children and moved to Henry Co. Iowa, and in the 1840 census there.

John disappears by 1850 from IOWA. I find one in Wayne Co. but can not determine if mine. I do not think so, think it is a cousin.

Their daughter Rebecca MORROW b June 1821 Mercer Co. KY is the connection to this man.

She marries John Scott who was also from Kentucky, Cumberland Co. area. She marries him in Iowa.

There are many trees on Ancestry but the documentation is most lacking.

Any help appreciated.

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