Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogs to Follow, Blogs to Share


Oh what blog do we want to follow and oh, what blog do we want to share?

It seems that genealogists everywhere have thoughts and ideas on this topic.

Do I have favorites yes, do my favorites change from time to time absolutely.

There are so many blogs coming on line steady it is hard to keep up with the new

thoughts and concepts.

So I said,"what type of blogs do I really enjoy?" I like informational, family and
technical blogs(now do not get over my head).

Maybe it comes from I like to read. I try to do a book every three days just to
keep the brain working.

My newest find was this blog.

One I always enjoy but do not visit enough is

Areas we all neglect it seems is state library blogs and sites.

The state of Virginia has some of the best.

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