Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rewriting of a Members Survey Comments welcome

Survey Members 2010 a work in progress by the LG group at a two hour meeting.

1. How many years have you been pursuing genealogy research?
2. How many years have you been a member of a Society? Ours?
3. How often do you do research work? Daily, weekly, monthly
4. What started you on the path of genealogy?

5. What areas of the USA do you have ancestry? Have you been to these areas
doing research?
6. In what other countries do you have ancestry? Have you been to them for research?
7. Have you done research at any of the counties/city libraries or Family History Center’s ?
8. What type of computer system do you use? Genealogy software?
9. How are your Internet skills for research?
10. Have you posted your research on the Internet or a family shared site?
11. What Free or Paid sites do you use?
12. How often do you go to the CVGS web site? Do you read the newsletter?
13. Do you read the CV Genealogy Cafe Blog?
14. Have you posted messages to Rootsweb/Ancestry, Genforum boards or lists?
15. What Genealogical magazines do you read?
16. What are your Genealogy Goals?

Most of the items were combined some were felt not pertinent by these 11 members

It was felt we should add what are your goals? How often do you site your Sources?
And a Interesting comment was, “What branch of my tree should I prune?”
It was felt that 15 should say read not subscribe to magazines :>)

It brought many a chuckle because they were very behind in the reading department.
We also changed some questions to be broader than before.
Most of these questions conform to the questions I was hoping to ask at the Seminar but not
I felt asking about goals was a vital one we missed.

You can see that it leaves space for more questions I already added what are your Genealogy Goals. Ann , what where your topics?

Anyone out there got other good questions that we should maybe ask our members?

Answer here or email me at

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