Monday, August 9, 2010

Seminar Progress is Happening October 2, 2010

Seminar Happiness is coming about. It takes a lots of interchange of ideas and concepts to make it work.
A team makes it happen with the best of results.

Our society has some neat people to thank for all the effort put into what we have so far.

We took the survey from last year added it to our Program Chairperson's speakers and rounded up the events with
an Outreach program to find new members and share our knowledge with the community.

We have an additional place to present our activities to reach out into this large community. Down the road we hope to reach out farther to the other neighboring communities in our region. Learning that many people subscribe to Ancestry and are not members of our society finally helped them understand we are not reaching everyone we should.

We are in our third year of doing a Scholarship for the Chula Vista High School Seniors and if lucky we may get to expand it down the road.

One of the objectives of the Seminar is to reach out to everyone in the community area, to be aware we are now putting on presentations on the weekend and have people in the library on Wednesday evenings, 5:30 to 7:30 pm Civic Center Library.

We are a bit random with our Sunday Talks events due to scheduling conflicts within the system. We do generally have a couple of people in the Genealogy area on Sunday if no talk is presented to help those who may want to know what books we have, how we can help, what we offer to help others etc. This happens between 1;30 and 4 PM in the Genealogy section in the northwest corner of the library.

This coming Saturday our own Ruth HIman is going to be putting on great presentation regarding the Charts and Forms we use in genealogy and the focus will be on the 5 Generation Chart. Why? because it will be used at our picnic on 25 August.
Spin the Wheel win a prize using your 5 Generation Chart. The Prize being the knowledge of someone else that is in the same region as you doing research. Teaming up when doing research can open doors and redirect thoughts for what you may have missed. Gary has many surprises to share during this game. Come join the fun at the ELKS LODGE off Telegraph Canyon Rd.
Chula Vista. CA. Time is believed to be 11 to 2 but it may be different.

Must of us Genealogists do not share with others as we work even in the society it is hard to see it happening, though the Research group and the Computer group help to bring this knowledge to the fore front.

I remember giving an example at a talk at the Chula Vista Library and ended up with four new distant cousins we were nor aware of each others links. I remember joining the Computer group in San Diego County and learned they never talked about their surnames only their programs. I loved the program knowledge but hungered for the sharing of the genealogical names also.

One of our members asked is this really helpful. I can only say we have gone from 80 members to over a 110 and a new member tends to join at each event. We attempt to reach out and hopefully make them feel welcome and important for they are both. Even better is the new members are stepping up and adding their thoughts and mixing the pot so we are becoming even better.

I am sure that almost everyone if not everyone in the society can do the same thing if they just think about their talents and share them with others. You may be able to talk on the phone, write a review of a talk you attended, share some special
tip you have learned doing your own research, just reach out and say yes I can help you for an hour on this day.

Any of these would bring great joy to our society members attempting to make it a better place.

We would love to have someone volunteer to come to the library on Sunday afternoons for an hour or two. You will be amazed at how much you can scan while waiting for interaction with others. I have scanned through 15 new books I have not had time to look at otherwise. I have helped sign up new members and have leads for several other potential members down the road.

Need help with Genealogy, It is like a one on one time if no one else comes in. Thanks to John, Dearl, Marna, Barbara, Phyllis, Virginia and Shirley and Gary for filling in these hours. Surely while the sun is up one can come down for an hour and give a hand. Come winter many do not want out at night or late. The same happens for Wednesday evenings, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Virginia and Phyllis and I, have been able to help potential members and help each other.

The hopes was two people could do a month and then someone else could do a month. This is either 2 Sunday's or 2 Wednesday evenings. If not maybe just one a month, everyone has different thoughts on research and it is a way to
learn each others ideas on Brick Walls. It seems I always remember something different an hour later but do not see that person for a period of time to share with them. I love an email, or phone number for contact. One never knows when you may run across the information one is seeking.

So the Seminar is progressing and the plans are rolling along with great anticipation. Come join us and learn what we can do to
help you and you to help us. tee heee heeee. :>)

Come listen to Ruth Himan at the Bonita Library this Saturday talk about these Charts and how to make the most out of them in your research, highlighting the 5 Generation Chart. August 14. 1:30 to 4 PM

Two great presenters for the Seminar on October 2 from 9 to 4:30. Jean Wilcox Hibben and Alfred Pena.

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