Saturday, August 21, 2010

Genealogy Busy Day

Attended meeting this A M across town, came back and attended the workshop event for 5 Generation Charts at the Library. Ruth had 9 people attend this meeting plus myself. It was loaded with many interesting questions and comments. The time flew fast and everyone learned more about charts, data and how to fill them out more efficiently. How to reference them to other areas in your research. Also how to find them in other areas of your research.

She stresses the daily journal and the logging of your genealogy research. She did a marvelous job since we had no way to use the projector. She did it all on a the chalk board. The need for more workshops was made very apparent by this group. I was glad Shirley was there to hear the comments on the things they need to learn in Computer classes. I am sure she will be busy with the topics for some time.

Most everyone was looking forward to the picnic and the use of their charts.

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