Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Name to Ponder, PENTICUFF

A Name to Ponder, Penticuff

Well, the Ydna is back, the story it tells is one of greater mystery than the lack of the
I spoke with Mary last night. It was her birthday. I gave her the interesting news.

We match with PENTICUFF in Kentucky in 1860. Now that is not a surprise because at one
time JOHN PENTICO was known as JOHN PENTICOFF or PENTICUFF. But he is first found in Jersey s
Shores, PA. 1830 census records. It states he is born in PA and so were, the then living
children and wife.

Now we have found her lineage back to Germany fairly early via her Great grandparents, to PA.
Yes it is documented very well. Thanks to books, documents and church and ship registers and
the Church in Germany.

But what I did not expect and I am sure non of the family expected was the lineage back ground
of the name, regionally.

I would love for others with the Pentico- Penticoff- Penticuff- Penticost-Benninghoff etc
spelling to contact me about potential YDNA tests to resolve this new development.
I would also love to learn the lineages of your surnames as back as far as you can go?

It has also been mentioned it may have been Pendegast. ?? What an interesting results we did

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