Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasures found on Thursday

Treasures Found on Thursday

Today I received a call from my cousin in WYO whom was on her way to Idaho. She said the
weather was awesome and has been most of summer. Envy here :>)

Seems her granddaughter now 26 has need of some family history information. I have not had
the pleasure of meeting her I think. But I do know her mother.

I shared with her the pictures that my MOM had found as negatives and we had developed last
fall. I will be sending her some copies. I also pointed her to this blog where some of them
are already posted.

Tonight Mom called and she has done it again she found a picture of my Dad prior to her
marriage to him with her little sister peaking out the screen door. I am glad her eye sight
is well enough she can see them and identify. At times she can not see well at all.

So I treasure my family connections and the data that we have all shared with each other
and other family members.

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