Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks are Sent to All who Helped

Greetings everyone, I can finally get a chance to thank you all for the participation in my Mother's Birthday Card party for her 90th birthday. O yes, it was the end of June but she was not able to chat with me about what she had received until very recently.

Mareen she was really thrilled to get that packet from the school children. She says they are hanging on the back of her
refrigerator. IT is a built in and back side like a bulletin board.

She goes through the cards people sent and thankfully many put whom they were on the cards so she knew if they were a Scott Cousin, Hoffman Cousin, Plants Cousin or friend of family etc.

She received one from a cousin she had not had contact with since she was young and and she was crying telling me how excited she was to read a note from him and his wife. She told me about her visit to see him one time when someone was ill.
Her Mothers's side of family ie Scott. Many cards brought back great memories.

She also ended up with a small reception of family (immediate) and close friends for about 3 hours. She says she wasn't able to speak to everyone because there seemed so many came. I bet she told them HI but didn't get to chat. She loves to chat. You just have to get her started. She is a wee quiet unless she knows you.

I really got my chatting from my Father he was always warm, friendly and caring in the community.

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