Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Madness is not so Mad

This morning my computer stayed on longer than of late. Why is that so interesting? Well, I can not read others blog posts and garner knowledge when it stops after about 30 minutes of being on line. Yes, I am returning it to the store tomorrow as things stand. But that is not the reason for the comments.

I was able to glide through many blog postings I have not had a chance to do in almost 3 weeks. I was thrilled with all the new thoughts, comments and concepts being posted out in the world of blogging.

Thomas M I found a great little post by you for beginning bloggers and we need that for our group to learn how to blog and so well stated. It flipped a bit fast but hopefully when I present this little site to our computer instructor they can resolve that issue and teach the group how to blog.

I read the tribute to Terry Thorton, read my Fence friends recent notes, Myrtles and Maven's and so many others I like to read through for learning where we are on our pages of life in genealogy and blogging.

I read on Facebook comments a while back about whether the Graveyard Rabbit program will continue. I did not find an answer to that question as I scurried about the system.

Arrgh I died again. But Grandson bringing his car to show us this am so computer store tomorrow.

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