Thursday, August 12, 2010

Susi's Chat Seminar Followup, etc

Today I will be delivering the Scholarship papers and the request for student assistance to the High School, for the Family History Fair in October.

Last night there is a chance Virginia found her lost Robert D. It sure gave some good leads.

For those who do not come share time at the library your missing a great time to do research, have personalized assistance and
getting to know your fellow genealogists.

I also learned sad news regarding a family member whose job has been put on hold. He just started house payments so this is going to really hurt. Hopefully something good comes from this.

This morning I fed the birds and watched them gather and eat. I found three new species in the pack. Now to determine what they are. The birds are expanding in species as we feed and watch them eat and play. I also took a picture of one of my cactus which had a double bloom on it. Pulled weeds and adjusted plants and enjoyed the quiet time of the yard.

Yesterday I parked next to some Lantana that had grown into shrub shapes and I watched and photographed a group of birds eating and playing or yes it was their singing or chirping that made me aware of them. They were not 2 feet from my car window. I did not realize Lantana could grow up off the ground and make such an interesting hedge.

I may go back and set there again sometime.

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