Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dash--- Yes the Genealogical Dash

 The Dash,  what is it? What do we do with it? Do we dash and run and hide? Do we dash away to do something else.
 The Dash, do we embrace the Dash and fill in the blank spaces?

 As genealogists we are to probably experience all of the above in the filling in the blanks of a Dash over a period of time.

 If you review your Home Research Program you will find many, way to many Dashes we need to remove.
 Even as diligently as we work, the Dashes seem to multiply.

 We seldom get the full story on a new connection and it then gives us many more Dashes to fill in.

 Do we love Dashes yes we do. It is what keeps us hunting and digging and squirming for a new find.

 We will probably end up with an new explanation for a Dash if we keep this up.

 How many Dashes have you found this week?


  1. I may have some filled in next week, Susi. I was
    just contacted by a cousin who says she has the names of John Cutter West's parents. She's elderly so she says she needs time to find the file so I have to wait a few days more!
    Dash it all!

    Good post!

  2. The time is not always key, the receiving of the information is. BLessings.