Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Area's Do You Research Blog Readers?

In writing articles for all to learn and share I am curious what areas of research are my friends and readers researching.  Did you find the Tim McGraw episode helpful to apply to your research?

The migration pattern shown in this episode, is one that is used by many early migratory settlers.

Since I am doing a talk on "Migration across the US" in a few months, I thought I would see what areas
people are most interested.

There are trails used that were less known but I suspect people want to first learn about the major trails used and methods of travel.

So hoping to get some feedback to share with all about places to track and methods used to get there.


  1. My interests currently are converting more of my Personal Ancestral Files (PAF) to RootsMagic and sharing more of my genealogy information using to control who has access.

    I'm also considering creating a Henthorn(e) Group on Facebook which would allow folks with that surname to share information and chat together with more than two people in the chatroom.

  2. I'm researching New England with some Ireland and Germany now added for my maternal ancestors.

  3. I'm researching the Great Migration (Puritan immigrants to New England pre 1640) with a little bit of the Planter movement (New Englanders granted free land in Nova Scotia in 1765 due to the French and Indian War). One side bit of research is Bostonians in Hawaii pre-annexation.