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Linking into the previous Post.  FOLK-FOULK-MYERS

William Henry Foulk b 1846 Somerset Co. Pa died Washburn IA area 1940, marries Katherine Myers,
 remember the inter linking of family.

His parents:
Peter Jr and Susan (Susannah) Martin Showalter  had:
William Henry b Somerset Co. PA, Matilda*, Mary M*, Susan C.* Sarah J*, and Levia F (male) according to census.

William H and Katherine Myers (FOLK)FOULK  son Harvey Edward marries Margaret Mae EASTMAN.

Margaret Mae's lineage as follows: her Grandmother on the EASTMAN side was Indian. There is a story everyone in family has and I have found it written in the Indian records done by Lorriane Rainwater.
The biggest question was what was the maiden name of Esther.  I think the Indian records confirm that it was THOMAS.  (story will be placed on another page) ( I hate to post it for fear someone would abuse it.)

Margaret Mae Eastman was born 6 Oct 1874 in Black Hawk Co, IA,US and died 23 Jan 1958 in BlackHawk Co. Iowa, US.( I shared letters with her as a young girl and teen. She died the year I graduated from High School).

Her parents:
George Herbert EASTMAN b 1834 CT, US m 28 Oct 1860 Davis, Iowa, US to Lydia TROWBRIDGE
b  4 Sept 1841 Edwardsville, NY and died Waterloo, IA area.  (seeking death records and Obit), George death 12 Nov 1910, IA.

George's parents:
Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN b 1778 Connecticut, d 10 Mar 1852  marries Esther (THOMAS?) b1796 NY and dies ILL.

It is Esther who is of Indian Lineage.  Her father was Indian or her grandfather was Indian. Her mother was white and had 3 children prior to marriage to Indian.

Both women in these stories passed down many Indian remedies and traits to the family.

I only have Roderick b NY 1831  and George Herbert b CT  1834, as children of  Abijah and Esther but I know there were other children. His father is next door to him in the 1820 census.

Both come from Medicine Man lineage. Key  tribal people within the tribe.

IF you have any data on these lines an email would be appreciated. I am looking for DNA
results to assist and prove data.

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