Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Valentine's Day but National Chocolate Mint Day 19 February

 What better way to celebrate chocolate.  The medical field says that Dark Chocolate is good for the body 1 small piece a day. Entire page in local paper commented on the positive properties of Chocolate.

Now if your a Chocolate Mint fan like me this is a thing to note.  19 February is CHOCOLATE MINT   DAY.  Yup, I shouted that out for you all.

 Chocolate mint is also a herb that tastes of the characteristics of which we speak.

 Thought I would float some urls for you all to check out for fun.

 One of my favorites is this one.

National Chocolate Mint Day!

Either version should work.

 If you want more information

 Enjoy and yes Virginia you can use white chocolate and enjoy.

  Think we genealogists need to plan a seminar on this day and constantly pass out chocolate mints to our guests.   Future thoughts.

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