Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Questions Left Unanswered, very intriguing Tim McGraw

  They have done it finally, making it more intriguing and full of unanswered questions. Obviously, Mr. McGraw did not ask these questions and the ones asked made a great interesting story.
 But the lineages kept being swapped over and over.  I bet there are many researchers that watched this that have answers to their lineage now.
 We started with Tim McGraw then his Dad, his Granddad and his Great Granddad. But we shy away
here to the  mother's lineage.  Yes, a definitely well known name in Missouri and then back to Virginia.
But what happened to the McGraw lineage?
As the story progresses we pick up new surnames because we are following the female side of the family.
I was thrilled to see them show that the female line is as important as the male line.
The migration pattern used was pretty much as stated in most books. The movement in the regions they lived are a good guide for anyone that is researching in those areas.
If one takes the information and applies it to the areas then there is much to be gained by most starting genealogists on what to look for, where to look and who to contact.
It was neat to see that they also found another famous musicians family on the same boat as Tim's ancestor.
I often wonder if we took a ships  log and checked the names into our lines, what we could learn.
I do not mean my direct line I mean the families lines of one of our given names. In other words,
 Moreen Duvall of Middle Plantation, and all his descendants, how many are interrelated to others that came on the same ship as he did. I bet you would find many.
Did anyone keep track of how many surnames were used in this episode?

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