Monday, February 7, 2011

New Leads, Folk-Myers-Foulk-Eastman & Trowbridge

New Leads -Potential Answers

As I lay sleeping, I was awakened with a sudden thought.  Gee, isn't that when all the crazy ideas come?

I am tracking down some great, great, great Grandmothers. Oh yes, I know whom most of them are but
as others say my sources are thin and my mind has needs.

I turned on my computer and checked what I had and yes, I am looking for the females of the family lines on these names.  I need/want/desire/ long for/ a MTdna test of these lines to see if the Indian shows in their tests.

We have only one line that I can track back and have Indian lineages verified. I have another that is strongly implied.  That one I fear may never be verified, until I realized when reading the newsletter from Roberta Estes that MTdna  can probably give me the answer.

The problem with that is my male -female lineage is broken,  doubled but broken.

Understanding DNA has left me with a question.  I know MTdna has to be female to female to female.
Understanding that YDna has to be male to male to male but you as a male can give mtdna also?

So there in brings up many questions for getting the right tests done.

We need to locate the female downline descendants of

William Henry Foulk b 1846 Somerset Co PA and Katherine Myers b 30 May 1845 Perry Co. PA.

I have this as the names of the children:

Harvey Edward, my ancestor.

Arthur, Oliver , *Susan, *Carrie, *Alma A, *Adeline, *Minnie E, Ezra, Roy.
I believe Grandma gave me these names. Some I am sure of since talking to descendants.
Also needing data on Katherine Myers whose lineage is also a FOULK, descendant.

Peter Folk/Foulk Sr  ma Catherine(?) Indian.  son of John Folk and Mary,potentially Choctaw?
daughter Sarah Elizabeth nicknamed Jane Foulk marries John Myers, RyeTownship, Perry Co. PA, US.
Their daughter is Katherine Myers whom marries William Henry Foulk.  They share a common ancestors.

Willam Henry Foulk lineage is:John Folk to Peter Folk Sr to Peter Folk Jr m to Susannah Martin Showalter.  Peter Jr and Sarah Elizabeth (Jane are siblings)

Progenators of Folk Lineage-- John Folk dcd 1793 and Mary Magdeline Strock Folk  Greenwich Twp., Berks Co. PA US 

Catherine (?) was born in Bucks Co. which is next door to Berks if she is correct lineage. 
 John  Folk, (elder) served in the Rev War from Bucks Co. in PA Archives Series book.

I have John Folk's Will.

Part Two for the EASTMAN- TROWBRIDGE LINK next. Both carry Indian lineage supposedly and that one is found, but desire DNA proof.

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