Saturday, February 19, 2011

Technological Changes During Childhood

 Technological Changes  1940 to 1960

The world was a buzz with War going on.  Planes were build and sent to fly, from prop to turbo prop by the end of this time. Jet's were just about to replace all prop planes.

Microwaves were on the horizon by the time the  mid 19 50's came around.

My big technological change would be the development of Oleo or margarine. United Air Lines gave it to their passengers first to try. AHH but the workers tried it first.  You had to mix the color in and add salt to make it platable This was about 1950-2. For my world time.

 Typewriters went electrical, of course today children ask what is a typewriter.
  Rotary dial phones came on the scene from the crank on the wall. Today we have Cell phones.
 Paint compositions changed in many ways. Glues to put wall paper on the wall changed.

 I  helped with the flour water method and then the store bought glue method.

  Televisions were coming on the scene also.  Some of my classmates had them by the 1950's. We did not get one until  Sputnik was famous and family felt we were missing to many changes happening and the teachers want us to watch the news every day to report at school what we learned at night.
What I do not do today is Wall Paper. I do like it but husband does not.

 There were many other changes with washing machines from wringer washer to automatic. Dryers from clothes lines to what is used today.

 Car engines changed and oil filters changed, brake assemblies were changed, Transmissions made major changes. Lights on cars were redesigned and many new features were added to cars.

 As a child an Automatic cost extra money. We all learned on a stick shift. Today is reverse.

 We used fireplaces for heat and many places today you can not burn wood or fireplaces. GRRRRR

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