Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Chili Day Do you have a favorite Recipe??

Today is National Chili Day here in the USA.  It seems to fit right in with the weather conditions also.

 Do you have a favorite Chili Recipe?

 I have a couple I like to  use. One is an in a hurry and pre packaged partially.
 The other one is from scratch from beginning to end except I no longer grow the beans and meat.

  Chili can come in many variations which was a surprise to me when I was learning to cook as a pre
  teen.  We almost always made from scratch though would add extra beans from can if company came
  in to share a meal of Chili and Cornbread.   I did not realize you could even eat Chili with out cornbread
  until I was living with husband and met many other ethnic groups and their versions of Chili.

 Vegetarian is very popular today.  I chuckle we called it Poor Man's Chili and did with out the meat
   on some extended weekends.

  Growing up on a mini ranch one learned to utilize what we grew.  We had beeves, chickens, pigs and
  one year we even grew turkeys.  A few times we had sheep so we could sell and swap with others for
  hunted meat from the wild.  We mostly had cows, beef and pigs.  We milked the cows, we raised our
  own meat. We hardly ever bought  it from the grocery store. Dad did not trust the chemicals that ranchers
  and farmers were beginning to supplement into the grain for faster growth and weight gain. Many of
  those chemicals are gone today but you would be amazed at how many are still used in our products over
  the counter at the store.

  It was about ten years ago when a multi distant cousin shared with me " WHITE CHILI".  Yes, I
  had the recipe shared with me and I make it ever so often.  I am going to play with it and use dark beans
  to see if we can get a better anti oxident concept since it uses chicken and Navy beans instead of dark

  I have one I make with multi mixed beans in it. My niece gave me one with ground turkey and ground
  round mixed. I had eaten some of hers and it was excellent. She even uses this meat mix for her Spaghetti.

  So with the chilly weather enjoy a bowl of Chili tonight or soon. With or without meat, with or without
  tomatoes, you will probably have an excellent meal. But I will say I really like cornbread with my Chili.
   If you want to swap and share let me know.

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