Friday, December 30, 2011

Following Friday Who to Explore Next?

Following Friday   Who to Explore Next?

Who to explore next on Following Friday?  Remembering that Thomas M brought up this topic briefly,
 I am curious if everyone is getting the same data and trying to determine what we should keep up with and
 what we should set aside for later.

 It seems that suddenly there are many new places offering us sources and suggestions and willing to help.
Not to mention the new blogs I found this week.

 O I am not complaining, I just do not know which one to work with for a while.

  Who Were They?

Family History Show | Family History Interviews | Genealogy Interviews Genealogy, Family Tree, Ancestry and Family History Search

Now here is one we can really use.

Lutheran Genealogy -- Libraries and Archives

Got Genealogy? - HOME

Genealogy InTime Magazine

I have many more but just thought I would share these in case you have not seen them.

Happy New Year to you All.

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