Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow Friday, A Few of Many I Love

 Following blogs are so much fun, educational and relaxing. I follow lots of blogs, some steady some hit and miss but I will say today that I love to follow anything Dick Henthorn writes. We still not sure if our lines connect after about 30 years but a very nice blog friend and family friend.

 I love outdoors and scenery so I also like to follow: Our Life in Photos by Gini.

I follow a couple of cousins for information and for fun.
Gramma's House: Abby, our California Granddaughter, is Growing Up Fast  Becky Jamison

Tina Sansone's  cousin also
Genealogy Help and Information

I love Amy  Coffins blogs, her recent one was over the top in thought and presentation.
The We Tree Genealogy Blog: If Genealogists Ran Hollywood

Our reading appetites seem to run the same vein.  :>)   Thanks Bill

 *The Old Geezer Blog  What can I say, I like his blog comments and chat.

Nutfield Genealogy: A Yankee at Jamboree – Part 5 Wrap Up Cousin Heather Rojo's blog is a great place to learn about family and New Hampshire

Myrtle like Footnote Maven is very long time friends. I think we linked on lines eons ago.

I read so many and I hate to list just a few but branch out and see what is out there to share knowledge and time.

I follow Thomas M also both his Austin Family and Geneabloggers site. 

Needless to say I follow cousin Randy Seaver daily.  LOL some times we cross wires but he is so knowledgeable technical that I dare not miss his information.

Ruth I follow her also.  We are finally find one link in our lines though I suspect about three are still out there. I am finding more southern kin than ever before.

I think our society now has four bloggers: Randy Seaver, Ruth Himan, Shirley Becker and I.

I hoped others would come home from Jamboree and blog also.