Sunday, July 24, 2011

Follow Friday, My 72 Birthday COMIC CON

Following my  Events of 22 July 2011.

 Never dreaming I would do what I did at this time, I got up at 2:45 a m and went to my daughters.
 My Grandsons and their friends and I went to the Convention Center to stand in line to either get their this year tickets or next year tickets.   (On this topic, I will expound later)

After standing in line from 4 am until 6:30 we finally were allowed to go inside the Hyatt Hotel to stand until 8 minutes to 8 and they started processing for next year. Jay and Stephanie thanks for the coffee and breakfast sandwich.

It was about 9 something when we finally were allowed to purchase two tickets, but their instructions were very mudded. The other grandson and mate were able to get their badge and go to the Panel he wanted to attend.

 I visited the Convention Floor, I met some very interesting educator writers and comic writers and illustrators.  I was able to visit with some people that I have respected and enjoyed each year at the convention.  More on this family on another blog.

I think I was able to find a new genealogy member each day from Friday onward.  Today I am taking applications back with me to give them.

Liking to plant seeds on what the power of these people could do to help education move the children out of the dull history and social science books into something exciting and more factual.

I saw some great books written that were given the Paul Harvey Award for Education.  These were for grammar school  & on up for ages.

Spending most of the day talking to these types of peoples. I saw "Mouse Guard's "wife, he was away signing at another venue in the Convention. If lucky I will see him today, Sunday.

 I like to browse the areas events and booths and later if find something that I think is positive I go back and re evaluate it for purchase.

 I really want to get that Animation Program also.

  No I am not going to advertise for these people so their names are not mentioned here.

  We had lunch at a very risque or potential for, restaurant. The pulled pork sandwich was good but had more tabasco in it than I care for. Do not recall any being in home recipes. Since it was mid day the
tone was calmed but it must be quite a place at night with out children around.

  This was about 2 p m and since we had been up almost 12 hours we decided to head home and rest up for the next day.

 I came home to cards and well wishes and a call from my Son saying he was hospitalized again. They sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Fast Forward, He is home again after a 24 hour stay.

 I later in the evening received a call from my nephews saying Happy Birthday. Also received calls from my other children and family and friends to send greetings.

 My acquaintances, family and friends on Facebook sent a super abundance of greetings. I love Facebook for the family/friend interaction. I also spent time on Google + in the Hangout Room where we (Mark Olson, Philip Olson and others and I) worked on setting a world record for a couple of days.

 I am now exchanging recipes with a family in Brazil. Wooooeeeeeee. We had people from China, Korea, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India, all over US at different times in the rooms. I put in over 12 hours in two different spurts.
Thank you everyone. Blessings on you all.

So that was my 72nd birthday. Started with Hangout at 12 a m when I went to bed and got up at 2:45 a m and ended with Hangout when I had to get some sleep for the next day.

Mark Olsen - Google+  This link may get you in.

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