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Surnames Saturday-- A MADISON-MATTISON named Susan

In my data base knowledge I have Susan Madison which may have been Mattison will be posted here.

 I learned of Susan from a second cousin and of course from my Grandfather.

  Susan Madison JONES according to tombstone   Data

 24 March 1818
 13 Feb 1881

 Marriage has never been found.  We know her husband was Baptist and family is still Baptist as far as I am told.

 She was supposedly born in Mass, but  her children have her in MASS, CT. VT for birth.
 She was supposedly married in Mass, again 20 years of research and still no closer than ever.

 Son Noel, (second son) born 1835 in Mass. This son died ??1855 ish in NY prior to them moving to Illinois. No proof found for him except census records.
1850 census says 13 years  family says 1835. I do not believe all census data correct.

 First son born New York.(Henry George) also listed as (George Henry) .. have trail for him
 and all the other children.
 Census data also for Noyes and Susan Madison JONES 1850 Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY, US

Noyes Jones
Estimated Birth Year:
abt 1810
Birth Place:
New York
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):
Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York
Family Number:
Household Members:
Louis A Jones this is Louise Arvilla
Jones Jones   Jennie  


Charles is not born until later that year.
Sometime after 1855 or so they moved to McHenry Co ILL. Boys served in CW from there.
Then after war moved to IOWA, Nashua, area.  Died Chickasaw Co. Bradford twp, IA corner of three counties from family whom lives there.  

 The one clue I found was this on the 1880 census in Riverton, Floyd, IA

Geo Madison
Birth Year:
abt 1823
Age in 1870:
New York
Home in 1870:
Riverton, Floyd, Iowa
Value of real estate:
Household Members:

 I believe this is her brother,  also. Conjecture totally at this point.
Name:William Madison
Home in 1880:Beaver, Butler, Iowa
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1810
Birthplace:New York
Father's birthplace:Vermont
Mother's birthplace:Massachusetts
Neighbors:View others on page
Marital Status:Married
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
Charles Knipe56
Elinor Knipe47
Etta Mc Bride17
William Madison70

Another fact is the boundaries of VT, MASS and NY at this corner were in flux for years.
There is some data on the JONES Family in Bennington, VT Library.

Family story written by the grand daughter stated that they were married around 1832 in Mass, near Springfield, Holyoke, MASS.

25 years ago I dug as deep as I could there, without going there, recently have re starting checking information.

Son NOEL born in MASS is supposedly to have died in MASS no proof found on that tidbit either.

I have tried to track out George and William for more clues and they both dissappear in thin air.

 I have looked at the 1810 census for clues, wrote queries asking if any one has data on the Madison that is listed in the 1820 census in that area. There are a few so far no response. In Mass, side the spelling is consistently Mattison. ???

I have worked with the Mattison Association for clues and ideas.

It is also been said by many that she may have been born about 1814 or 1816 instead of 1818 on tombstone. I think they say this due to dates on Census.

I suspect she may have been first born child. Conjecture totally.

Where she died was in the area George was living. Again their home was on boundary of the three counties explained to me by cousins whom still live there.  They were also moved due to road widing ot current cemetery instead of where originally buried.

I could put many rejection slips up but want to start positive.  I today have more than I had last year with the new census data on George and the recent finding of this William.  They also seem to dissappear into thin air. 

I found a George Madison later of his age in Alleg. Co. NY but nothing else matched do not think him.
Alas the only NOEL JONES to fit Noyes father is also in this county but not in court papers, will, probate or land and court squabble over NOEL being not stable by Children of NOEL prior to last marriage (not long before he died.)  32 pages of documentation. NOYES is not mentioned not once.
May be kin but do not think his father. 

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