Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treasure Chest Information Found

 Treasure Chest Thursday  Information Found.

  Today my treasure chest item came in the form of a email.   Within this email was a link to a rather old book that is on line for us to read.

  If your lines go to early American/Colonial America  time frame you may want to check out this informative book that is free on line.  I am up to page 47 and have found 5 sources already.

 Nancy Frey  UK Genealogist posted this for the Lost Colony Research Group

  People in England and the USA are trying to find the missing pieces and solve a mystery of major consequences.

  I am posting her Email and approval to use data here. Title of book is very long.   Enjoy everyone. 

Hi Suzi,
Of course you can.  The book is out of copyright and it is has a wealth of knowledge about early settlers in Virginia.  What didn't occur to me until I had started following my surnames of interest and putting them on maps is that the Virginia they are talking about in 1624 is now North Carolina and incudes the outer banks.
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Nancy can I repost this on my blog page please.  Thanks  Susi 
Awaiting a reply

On Jul 26, 2011, at 10:34 PM, Nancy Frey wrote:


Hi Group,
I was alerted to an online book today that many of you may find interesting, if you haven't already downloaded it.  It has the very long title of "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of year, apprentices, etc. etc. who went to American Plantations 1600-1700".  After those Lists and not mentioned in the title are Virginia Muster Lists of 1624 which are almost like a Census.  I've already found one of my 'lost ancestors', lol.
Nancy Frey
UK Genealogist
Lost Colony Research Group

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