Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surname Saturday with Sorting Saturday Names and Claims.

  A good to do day is about to happen. With data arriving from other places and family migrating all over the places, it is time to crack the whip and dig deeper to see what can be delved.

  YDNA has brought a kink in the armor of the family name.  Definitely not to toss it out but the migratory pattern is a wee different than most of us have thought.  If you speak one language and live that lingo and the papers say that is where you were from.  Obviously you were from some where else before that to have the YDNA response that was given.

    I recently gave a talk on Migration from the early beginnings of man to a late 1830s for most part.
It was done in two parts. I had studied Ancient History long ago. I find it totally fascinating and full of riddles and quizzes just like genealogy.  Not understanding how anyone can do Genealogy with out
knowing the history of the place, the country, the migratory patterns used to get to there and leave there
I thought I should share some of those views with others.

   Does the lack of historical knowledge slow down genealogical research, absolutely.  It reminds me of the puzzle Dad used to give us and say, " Now put all the states in the right places," then he would say," what is the capitol of that state?"  He did not stop there, he would ask if we knew what the states products were. if we knew if the Oregon Trail went across that state and all kinds of history questions.

   Because we traveled to Wyoming, Oregon, and New Mexico and Colorado on different years we covered many of the western states.  It was after marriage that I was exposed to the mid west and many years later finally arriving east.

   So why these comments with the heading? It is simple, I am going to sort the name variants and the claims and see if there is a pattern to the strange assortment of spellings. I am also going to delve into the migratory pattern of the lineage in Europe mid 1600's and see if there was a backward migration time that happened.

    If that did not happen then some things become obvious very fast as to the combination of genes in the line.

    If  as data suggests and tells us we were in Germanic region of Europe 1600-1700's then by mid 1750's we migrated to the Colonies speaking one language and carrying the customs of that language, how did the Scot Irish English get so heavy into the lineage.

 The next heavy lineage is Danish, now that is not so far off from Germanic in region relations.
The Danes actually controlled a good portion of Schleswig-Holstein for several years.

  Wonder what armies of Caesar invaded Scotland, Ireland and England?  Back to ancient history and Rome and it's warring parties events.  Benninghoff, Penticuff, Penycope, Bennycope Bennigoff, and the variants continue on.

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