Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sentimental Sunday- More on Migration Thoughts.

 Sentimentally I have decided to climb up the rock and shout out, " I am not an expert. Never expressed that I was or would be."

 Off the rock and no longer shouting.  Yes, I have spoken to people with various degrees whom feel they are very knowing in their fields, haven't we all.

 The only answer to finding answers is to dig, dig and leave no rock unturned.  Sometimes Providence provides the answers when we are not looking. Serendipity anyone?  O yes, we have to document, document until there is more documentation than data printed on person.

 Long ago I had a website put up and it was kept well until the web person became very ill.
I am not web smart to work the site. It has fallen in need of massive repair.

 When that site went up everything on that site was sourced at least two ways some times more.
As other cousins data was added sometimes things were not checked and so today we still have data that may not be accurate on the site.  My recourse is to hire someone else to restructure the site and make it valid again. This I have yet to do in hopes cousin will become well and return to what they love to do.

 Cancer is a mean collateral cousin in most peoples families any more it seems. If not then maybe it could be Heart Disease or Pulmonary problems as bed kin.

 I recall the fun we had finding the sources and the cousins and the information to make things accurate. We  recall the fun nights of laughter and cheer as we shared the many same traits in our various lineages.

 The same words we used to describe things even if almost a continent apart, the hand mannerisms, the quirky hair cowlicks, the funky fingers and toes all made it more fun and interesting to continue on our search.

 Some of these awesome people have passed on to the other Side.  The knowledge they held was so awesome.  If I had known that documentation was going to be key, many things my Grandparents told me as first hand I would have had them write it out and sign it.

 Alas some that was done that way the government lost in shipment to Hawaii never to be seen again.
 There was advantage of writing to the aged ones as a youth because I had kept the letters until the government so carelessly misplaced or lost them.

 So as we migrated west as a family from the east coast to the west coast we retained some entities of our families past and lost some. It is so amazing how many we did not lose.

  Have you compared your family traits to other collateral kin from east to west or north to south?
  Have you discovered how much alike yet different that you are?

  Many whom migrate loose the terms of language and attitudes of the past, ironically for some others retain a portion of them or more.

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