Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surname Saturday-- John LEWIS in VA and Sw PA

Trip to Carlsbad Library accidentally gave me a clue or two on JOHN LEWIS. I was not there to research this person. I spent a year on him and family in the early 1990s. I have two floppy discs of data, but never learned a couple of critical items to confirm which of about ten John LEWIS was related to my family.

Today as I was looking for data on LEE up pops data on a "John LEWIS" then up pops where he served in Frontier and what his mothers maiden name was and his siblings names. Go Figure.

I knew this was the one I was looking for because his brother in law served in this Frontier Ranger group also and was stationed at the same place.

 There was more data there which I read with great relish. Next trip I will get a picture copy and add to my files.

 The settled in the same area in sw Pa after this service.

 I have more than one Lewis line and more than one John Lewis. But this one is now established.

Now to master getting the small discs to open and I can retrieve rest of the data.

My other LEWIS line is in Lower VA area to Cumberland Co. KY area. Harriet Lewis ' DAD.
She marries Shaddrack Scott born in Pittsylvania Co. Va to John and Sophira Murray SCOTT.

John is the son of Thomas Scott of Halifax Co. VA at time of death.

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