Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday= Are You Preparing One

 Treasure Chest Thursday= Are You Preparing One

 Back to the days of old, back to when times were more slow, families left many treasures from their past.

  Are you taking the time to record, capture and keep your treasure chests of today for the future families to come?

  We as a blogger are recording some of our lives now, which is compatible to the journal our ancestors wrote.

   Did we keep a dairy as a child? Mine is locked away in a trunk here in our house. I have kept journals off and on but more on since a younger sibling said to me. { SIS, what was the family like before I was born.}

   Now that will set you back on your laurel's and make you think.

   There is a 12 year difference in our ages.  This applies to almost every early family of our ancestors.
   When 12 to 15 children are born it takes 13 to 17 years at a minimum to accomplish this.

    When I was 18 and left home the younger members were: 14, 12, and 6.

     So since this conversation I have attempted to retrace my earlier past and record some of the events from when I was about 4 and 1/2 forward. Yes, some I vividly remember some I recall from being reminded so many times that, that was what I did.  When those events were told of course it was to my siblings to remind them of the type of child I was.

     In reflection, it is amazing how much my parents were different that I did not notice when younger and yet how much alike they were in other matters.

     So if you have not reflected and recorded some of your past for you sibling youth it would be a great present for them to have.

     Start today, and touch the life of a sibling that has those questions, they may be concerned about asking.


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