Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday's Madness, Hurray the 4th of July

  Being that today has been the celebration of our nation becoming independent from the British Crown, I am sure that the Loyalists truly thought it was madness to defend ourselves against the tyranny that they were attempting to impose.

 The courage that our forefathers, and families endured are some times almost unfathomable.
The uncertainty of what the next day would bring, would the Indian be our neighbor or our enemy.

 So much was riled up to get the people to go for the continuance of the British that as I attempt to contemplate what was happening, I find it hard to grasp at times.

 My family has been here long before the Colonists and my family has been here since the coming of the
Jamestown people, The Mayflower People and all the others that came after.  It is very suspect that two lines may have come during, The Lost Colony event.

 It pleases me that this group( Lost Colony) are attempting to find answers to many questions that linger as to the loss of families. It is really a modern Ancient Mystery that with DNA studies and people on at least two continents  are digging up,  we may have an answer forth coming within a few years.

It seems possible since the Indian's did not use our names prior to the arrival yet with a short period of years after, that many of the Indian lines carry the same last names of the colonists that disappeared.

Historians are also looking at the same name matches for the Jamestown settlers, and the Mayflower and other arrivals.  Some names are mentioned on all three.

When they came is probably not as near as important as the fact that they did come, they worked hard, they struggled and defended each other, they worked together and banded into a strong group of peoples.

Alas the fact they came for religious freedom soured them on granting each other religious freedom but when the chips were down they united and created this great nation we now live in.

 By the way did you hear the U tube story of the Marine retired singing the entire National Anthem not just the first part. I think we should sing it in entirety always. I remember in school we did it every Friday. Thanks to that great teacher's patriotic spirit.

This really has not to do with Tea Party but the anthem was awesome.
May all our service people everywhere  by blessed.

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