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1961 to 1965 + NAS Lemoore, Lemoore, CA

" Back in our beginning we lived in Sunnyvale, Los Gatos area of California.  We finally stayed at one motel until Fred went overseas on a ship.  He worked for the USNAVY, I worked for Westinghouse.
I was in the division that was military orientated.  My boss wore a lot of gold braid.

When he returned from overseas, some 18 + months later because the Officer in Charge in Guam canceled my coming to Guam, he was stationed at NAS Lemoore, in Lemoore, CA.

Wow, that was just down the valley from where we started at NAS MOFFIT FIELD, Sunnyvale, CA.

While he was gone, I moved back home to parents to help them and learned our first child was on the way. Valley Ford, CA.

So the run way at NAS Lemoore was built three times  do to cracks and damage from heat then from a major earthquake. He is a Plank Member of NAS Lemoore. I think we were number 38 to move aboard.

Some of our major likes we shared was Car Racing,  We went to many events in the Bay Area when dating. His car came off the track from racing. So we were excited to learn that Hanford, about 25 miles from Lemoore NAS  had a race track.

We loved the Crazy 8 competitions and even better was when NASCAR would show up and we could see some of the current drivers at that time. We also got to see and meet some of the Open Wheel drivers that came there.  A highlighted event was called the California 200 and that day was hot and warm and yes we took Edward with us.

Some of the racers were A J  Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Johnny Rutherford, Mario Andretti, the Unser Brothers, and our number one love Fireball Roberts.  We got to meet many of these men back then.

Lee Petty, was there.  I have to find our old program if it didn't go in the lost container in 1967. I thought the Allison boys were there and several others that have moved over to the other side now.
We developed a deep respect for the family of Lee Petty.

Map of Marchbanks road course, circa 1960 - Marchbanks Speedway/Hanford Motor Speedway -

1967 George Snider feature story - Marchbanks Speedway/Hanford Motor Speedway -

" It's races were televised nationally, bragging rights for a small Central California town in the middle of nowhere. The Stock Car Racing Encyclopedia described it as “California’s first high-banked paved superspeedway to be run under NASCAR sanction.” Credit: Posted in The Sentinel.  14 Dec 2013
Every place we have lived we went to the Car Races.
Recently when he went to Michigan he got to go to a race there. 
We should never have lost that speedway.  The land was open and reasonable to build on.
Today the tracks are mostly in a more congested environment.  We went to Brown Field when we moved here in 1970 until it closed.

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