Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween = All Soul's Day ======= What Did You Do?

Well, I actually heard people speak of All Soul's Day and Halloween in the same breathe a couple of days ago.  Which made me wonder what did you do for Halloween in your youth?

 We lived in the county, first on a cattle ranch then a dairy ranch then our own ranch.

 Dad forbade Trick or Treating for me, not sure what his stance was by the time my youngest brother was old enough to partake in the event, 12 years later so lots of time passed.

 I was allowed to go to a Halloween Party we did for 4-H and later older we were allowed to have friends over to bob apples and play games. Trick or Treating was a form of begging and Dad forbade begging.

As a Sophomore I went to a Halloween party at Ann Albertson's home in Petaluma, we played games and danced and chatted and had popcorn balls and candy and cake and soda's. I think we bobbed for apples to.

Changing schools did not matter, no going out on Halloween period. Of course we were reminded why the next day when someone's, cows had been let out or some one's old outhouse got tipped or they toilet papered a person's house.  Someone even set someone's hay on fire and that was a big no, no.

So we did not trick or treat.  Dad would purchase a few candy bars and we  would make popcorn balls and played games.  We generally had a few neighbors in to share time with parents and us to play games with. Monopoly was big, Canasta was big, Guessing games were great. I think we had more fun that going Trick or Treating.

So when our children were born, they did not trick or treat either  until they were teenagers and at that point it seemed safer to trick or treat than go to parties.  They were given a time to go out and come back, revoking privileges if not met.

Our Grandchildren, Trick or Treated or had parties or both.  Wonder what the Great Grands will do when old enough to participate.

Remember All Soul's Day was a keeping factor for remembering to not over indulge in candies and fun.  The Sisters' were very strong on those points.

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