Thursday, October 9, 2014

About Scottish Prisoners of War

Last Saturday at the workshop I was telling attendees that there are lists of the early Scottish
Prisoners of War who came to America early.

1650 to be exact for when the information refers to.

No I do not get credit but I did read it and want to share it with you all whom read this.

Passenger List – Ship “Unity” | Scottish Prisoners of War…

This blog is probably extremely helpful for anyone with early Scottish ancestry.

I was looking for SCOTT, but I did find STEWART, TAYLOR, JAMESON and GRIMES
many other family or collateral family names just on this list from Captured at Dunbar in 1650.

Looking at the second set of names I see MURRAY and IRWIN.

Looking farther down I see MERROW,(Morrow), lots more STEWARTS and the names go on.

Please go to this persons site request to follow them because they have much information here for you to learn.

Passenger List – Ship “Unity” | Scottish Prisoners of War…

Diane Rapaport  does an excellent job on more references at the bottom also.

Geni - Scots Prisoners and their Relocation to the Colonies, 1650-1654 Project

This is all I can say but blogs are very helpful in research.
Thanks Diane for this information and others.

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