Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Birthday Past and One is Coming

At one time October was littered with Birthdays on all sides of our family.

An Uncle, A Grandfather, A Son, a Father,  and the list goes on.

Then it dropped back to  having August with 9.  Now that is back to 5.

July had 5 still does.

June had 5 now has 4.

What month do you have the most birthdays from Grandparents down to you?  Do you contact your Aunts and Uncles which would increase ours ?

It started with our first born being born 10:10 minutes past his Fathers birthday.  As a Father he had a daughter the  day after his.  We also had a daughter that month March.

January was cousins a lot and one daughter.  Many close friends were in January, they are now gone.

Feb is grandson and cousins.

Then March mentioned above.
 April is big month in sister in laws house.
May was Dad and Aunt and Uncle three days in a row.  My Dad, My Aunt on Mom's side and My Uncle, Dad's sisters husband.  We seem to have a lot of serial runs of 3 or more.

June had Mom, grandson, cousin, niece. Not counting Anniversary's.

July was big Anniversary, with birthday on that day by grandson, my birthday, my cousins birth  day, my sister in laws.

We have November with 4 yet an December with 4 also.

 So what does your year stack up like.  We have an event of some type each month. With 5 Children and ten grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, I had 3 siblings and husband had 3 siblings.  Our parents came from families of 5 or more for siblings so lots of cousins.

Celebrate Family History Month.

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