Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bosler, Wyoming, not far from Wheatland, and Mom's home.

Bosler, Wyoming and who has been there.

Map of Bosler WY | Bosler Wyoming |

Bosler is in Albany County of Wyoming.

Jalan Crossland sang about Bosler in a song called Bosler.

Bosler - Wyoming Ghost Town

 I did not visit the Furniture Store but I did buy a STARBUCKS drink at the General Store.
Having not set foot in the town since 1994, my heart was sad at the remnants of the town.

Of course, I have different reasons for wandering through this area.  My Dad punched cattle in the region and he was aware of the HOLE in the Wall Gang, as a youth.  His brother told a very chilling tale as a 5/6 year old in Wheatland about one of the gang.

Mixed feelings because this route through Wyoming is some of the prettiest there is to see. The new freeway saved the state from probably becoming over run and turned into the mess Jackson, Wyo is dealing with. The highway was smoother and easier to travel than #80 with the thump thump thump going down the road. If you ever broke your back that vibration wears on you after awhile.

No you can't go 80 on that road there is farm equipment on it and they are generally very large in nature and take up most of the road.  These Ranchers and Farmers are courteous drivers also.

I love to wind up the ridges and down the valleys below and see the Antelope and the cattle and the other critters out and about in the fields.  We stopped many times on this last trip and took some great pictures of nature and animals.  After all it may end up like Bosler and not be there when I try this trip again.

The strip mining is everywhere it seems.  Mixed feelings about the strip mining. Oil rigs and other
digging is happening on a daily basis.

Fortunately, we still saw cattle out on the open range area.  Not near as many as days gone by but they have not gone away yet.

Tom Horn--Wyoming Tales and Trails

Tom Horn Photos - View of the Clay Ranch

I have been up on Laramie Peak, my deceased cousin took me there for the view. It is awesome to be
able to see so far and so much.

The other pictures on the Tom Horn page are accurate for how buildings were built then. Grandad's barn was built like that and my brothers home barn in Idaho has the same log structure for it's base.

A Wyoming Titan of Industry: Frank Bosler | American Heritage Center (AHC) News

Dad and family all talked about the famous horse Steamboat that was a bucking horse.

Hopefully, reading about places like this give you a better idea of life and times, in not to far back in time.

I wish Dad had wrote his book.

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