Sunday, October 12, 2014

2 October 2014 Followup Water Tower in Wyoming.

On 2 October I posted a picture of an old water tower.  My question to the history buffs and genealogists was do you know where this is?  Do you know what it represented?

It is the first thing the eye sees coming into town that is visible for visitors.

It is the water tower for the Old Rawlins Prison or as known today as the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

It was closed before we got there, missed it by 15 minutes. I wanted to see it for myself. Since we have
knowledge of a family member being there until someone else recanted their story. It decimated this human being beyond comprehension.  It is still not known how long they were incarcerated, still digging.

Yes, it was closed some years ago. They run Halloween Tours there.  What a thought.

We took many pictures walking around the outside.

Of course we had the Hole in the Wall Gang not far away and many other characters of scruples not accepted by society. Range Wars and political offsets happened to create even more prisoners.

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