Thursday, October 16, 2014

Folk of Old - Foulk of Today Where Did He Go?

My grandmother was a Foulk,  Victoria Mae but was always called Ida.  My Great Uncle Claude said that when he was born and he started talking he tried to say Victoria and it ended up being Ida.

So some tid bits about my lost Great Grandfather.  Grandma Ida's Dad.

His parents were William Henry Foulk b 1846 in Somerset PA.  He died in 1940 in January before I was born.  My father knew him as a small child.
His mother was Katherine Myers b 30 May 1845 Perry Co. PA, she died 7 June 1922 in Cedar Township, Blackhawk Co. IA

 Katherine's mother was Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) Foulk. Yes Katherine married her cousin.
 William and Katherine had 12 children.

Harvey Edward was the oldest.  He was born in 18 Oct 1867 in Illinois.  He is in the 1870 census with his parents.
In 1910 he were in Eagle, Blackhawk IA
In 1920 he is in Platte township 22 North E #9 Wyo. An area out of Wheatland.

The story goes he went to Seattle with a shipment of Wheat that was to go to Russia.  They have no idea what happened after.

I did find a man of that last  name on the  1930 census in Los Angels  with a young wife Nora.

I have learned that other Foulk were in Los Angeles at this time.  Was this him or not.

Many said he went to Russia, some say buried in basement or under a hay stack.

Their marriage obviously was rather rough.

He was married to Margaret Mae Eastman, whom I had contact as tiny my Father said and I  wrote to her often over the years until she died in 1958 in January and I was a Senior in HS.
The US Government lost all my letters pictures and mementos I had from her and others in a move. I could sure use those letters.

They married 19 Oct 1892 Blackhawk Co. IA

She later remarried.  Anyone found Harvey Edward Foulk?

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