Saturday, October 4, 2014

Workshop Review

Wished I had taken pictures, the interaction between members between events was the best we have seen in a super long time.

We were happy you came and shared and shared and cared.

We all came home happy and tired but feeling you were really getting what we were attempting to share with you.

Much credit goes to the Chart Chick for her ideas and thoughts and charts she shared.

Research is always easier when you can share and cross check and discuss the potentials of information. It can be regionally, locally or distantly it makes a difference to share.

All of the events went better than we hoped and it was awesome to see the idea catch as it moved around the room and people shared.

I am hoping the 20 attendees will share in January if these ideas helped to get the family to think a little more about family and how we lived in the past. Even if the past was only 20 years ago, it makes a difference.

As one person said, if we did this question every 4 or so years the answers would so many times change.

It would almost be like a running diary of their growing up and living life from small child to full fledge adult.

The easy to make heirloom of a tablecloth with signatures and some one suggested dates added is even more fun.  We started the societies to have for future generations.  Just think if you were there your name is going to kick around for quite some time. Or at least that is our hope to happen idea.

Some said for small families use a pillow for the signatures.  Wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday party gifts all same theme idea.

I was thrilled to see some of the things I have been speaking on for years was reiterated by Cyndi Ingle's when she was here. Some forms are definitely more helpful and can reverse negative results by thinking in reverse.

We gained one new member, four new faces and 16 members attended, those who didn't really lost out on a super event.

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