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Abraham D Young Sr with wife Hannah Wright

Abraham D Young Sr was born 3 Oct 1784 in Andover, Essex Co., Mass.

* Vital Records of Guilford, Maine, Genealogy Archives p126.

Hannah Wright his wife was born in Lewiston, 11 March 1781

* same source

Anna J. Young, born in Lewiston, December 1st, 1803
Jonathan W. Young, born in Lewiston, October 12th, 1805
George W. Young, born in Avon, December 11th, 18O7
Hannah Young, Jr., born in Avon, December 1st, 1809
Abraham D. Young, Jr., born in Avon, April 23rd, 1812
Elmira Young, born in Avon, April 12th, 1814
Elvira Young, born in Avon, May 29th 1816
Rolla Young, born in Avon, July 11th, 1818 Young
Joseph Young, born in Philips, April 18th, 1820
Julia Young, born in Guilford, October 20th, 1823
* P163  ie pge 64  Pge 126  also

Abraham Young b 1756 Oct 16th is implied his father. He served in the Rev War. #:A129695
Served: Massachusetts, Rank PRIVATE, Birth 10-16-1756,  Gray York Co. ME Dist MAssachusetts, Death: 2-19-1829 Cumberland Co. Maine  Pension No. *535163 Service Source: *535163 Service Description: 1) Capt. Paul Ellis; Col Timothy Bigelow

Our line is from Abraham D Young Jr born in Avon, 23 April 1812
His first wife was Eliza Grover ( Shirley Lee's Lineage) b 23 Feb 1816 Pittston m 11 July 1833 Maine
Source and children below
p 162-3
Emily Young, born in Dover October 21st, 1833
Bothwell Young, born in Dover, February l0th, 1834
Grimsley Young, born in Dover, August 29th, 1835
Augusta Young, born in Dover, November 13th, 1836
Edwin Young, born in Dover, April 13th, 1838
Lucy Jane H. Young, born in Guilford, January 30th, 1840

 m 2nD hannah Owen OEN?
1856 St Charles
1870 Fremont Butler Co IA
1880 Fremont, Butler Co IA
Vital records of Guilford, MAine

Hannah O born 1826 Germany or Russia records ?
d 29 April 1896 Iowa
Abraham died 9 June 1883 Nashua, Chickasaw Co., Ia 

Their daughter Hannah is our line.

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  1. Susi- I am working for Bob Wright of Friendswood, Texas and I think he connects with you on your Wright line. His line is through

    Jesse Wright BIRTH 13 FEB 1821 • Lewiston, Lincoln County, Maine, USA
    DEATH 7 JAN 1894 • Glenwood, Mills, Iowa, USA

    David Wright
    BIRTH 22 AUG 1798 • Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, USA
    DEATH Unknown
    This is his 3rd great-grandfather and I think that he is a son of Jesse Sr.:

    Jesse Wright Sr
    BIRTH 19 NOV 1749 • Pelham, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States
    DEATH 10 MAR 1834 • Guilford, Penobscot, Maine, USA

    Please contact me at

    Nick Cimino