Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

I was thinking on this post for several days. Father's Day is when this will post.

My father left this world in 1995. He was a good father and also a friend. It is strange how you can still miss someone
from passing so long ago. Dad, I love you.

Now this post is for all Father's. May the Lord Bless and Keep you in His Care. Being a father is a big, tedious, long, job that
last an entire life time. The child whom turns 21 is still your child, the child that turns 45 is still your child, even though he/she may now be a parent too.

I have learned it takes a special caring to show your parenting skills. Most Dad's have it if they would just release it to
work for them. It is okay to cry, laugh, hug and show emotions. Our children need to know emotions are okay.
Teenagers need love almost more than a kindergardener does. They are not children, they are not adults they sort of mixed up
in between. In a 30 minute period they can show all three age elements. Try living in their skin for awhile. It may help
to understand the emotions you see or do not see.

So Dad's step to the plate and be the awesome Dad's I know you can be even if the child is 43.

Husband this is for you, I love you very much. We have five wonderful children that you have been able to
share in their lives with when the Military gave you a chance to be around.

You were great and always wrote the children a note for them in your letters to me. Sometimes on separate paper some times as tags on my letters. You never missed their Birthdays or Christmas either.

I always had them write you and tell you of their events, good and bad. That is what helped to make us a strong family.

Your awesome ability to listen and stay calm, (most of the time) really helped to develop a good relationship with each

Your helping and sharing with them as adults has been a great way to learn more about their world. You helped remodel two homes and helped grandchildren in college and at home.

I love you for all you do for us, for them and for our neighbors. You are a true blessing given them and I.

For 5o years you have been a Father, Dad and friend. For 25 years you have been a Grandfather and friend to your Grandchildren. As Dan said, "Wow I quarter of a century I have been around."

Thank you with all my heart for your generosity and love.