Monday, June 14, 2010

Jamboree, Burbank and Genealogy

Burbank, California 2010 June Jamboree, Yes we did it again. What a great adventure! We met many old friends and made some new ones. We enjoyed a really great Greek eatery. We being Shirley B, Virginia T, Mary K and I. We met with Randy and Linda S. Joan L and dil, and the rest of the group from San Diego Genealogy Society and many acquaintances from Carlsbad.
O yes, Ruth H and Ann D were there too. HI Gwen!

At the Greek eatery we met many other bloggers and friends. Introduced my rock hound buddy to my Genealogy buddies.
He never shared he did Genealogy also.

We attended many sessions and observed many interesting events. Sometimes, setting and watching can be more fun than participating and joining in.

The topics were relevant to our research and very informative. The speakers were excellent and the helpers were awesome.

Because I knew so many of the speakers I felt like old home week meeting dear old friends. I started with the topic on Indians and moved through the topics as time allowed, generally. Curt W had given me tips in Indiana a few years ago so I started with his topic and came away knowing I had done the homework he had suggested. We both discussed a potential new line of research we need to locate for referencing. Because my Great Grandmother and my Aunt had experienced this first hand he felt there was a record to relate to it filed somewhere. I had not thought about that avenue until we talked.

Chatting over incidents really brings a better perspective to fore. I also learned some information about the BIA ( Bureau of Indian Affairs) which was very interesting.

So my 3 days started out with a great feeling of doing something right. Later, I will talk more of this, on a steady basis.

Fast Forward to Day of Return

When we left to catch the train to come home. Gwen introduced me to an acquaintance she had met helping to the train station.

She related the story I had told her about Petaluma that Lisa Cooke had given, She retold this story to this new acquaintance whom said she was from near Petaluma.

So when we arrived at the train pickup she told me about her and I spoke to this person. :>)

She says," I am from Petaluma area but no one ever knows where that is at". I said to her but I grew up in Petaluma area and was trying to catch Lisa to tell her what I knew, (Never caught up to her) and the lady then shared she was from a town near Petaluma and then she said," BLOOMFIELD" and I said," WHO ARE YOU?" I am from VALLEY FORD. These towns are about 5 miles or so apart and we all attended the same schools back then and they still do today.

This was my classmate's older sister. When she took her shades off she looked just like whom she should have. :>) What a thrill!

I had not seen any of this family since a very early school reunion 40 years ago. So we talked about our old classmates and what had happened in her family and mine. She was going to call her sis Barbara when she got to where she going since Roger is in a home for care. I was able to share about some of the classmates she was not familiar with any more as she did with me the same. Alas the train ride separated us so we did not get to visit on the way to Oceanside/Carlsbad area. We did swap addresses and she is also doing genealogy.

What a way to begin and end the Journey I set out upon Friday morning ending on Sunday evening.

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