Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wisdom on Wednesday thoughts

I first saw this topic and said mmmm, selective days for Wisdom. Then I decided it may be a great new way to get information out and about to the genealogy world. The knowledge can be from primary or secondary experiences or processes learned in classes, seminars or jamborees. hee, hee, hee

See we have a Jamboree coming up this weekend in Burbank. It has a fabulous list of presenters and topics to discuss, share and learn about.

I am sure the Vendors area will be as excited as it has always been. I love to hear of all the vendors that are there that we can
actually communicate with.

Last year I had a chance to talk to Ancestry people about some frustrating methods they had changed to for research.
About 8 weeks later the system was finally more compatible for the research. :>)

I volunteered in Leland's booth and met many nice people. Learned many ideas and topics to share with the people that I
teach. They really needed the help the line was all around the area for the articles to purchase. So as much as I helped them
it was a learning information for me and I really like these people too. He and his wife and William Dollarhide are some of
my favorite genealogy people. Of course they are not the only ones.

I met William Dollarhide in 1995 and have been thrilled to be able to learn what he shares when he speaks. His knowledge is
endless for me.

I will miss my long many years friend Pat this year, but other old AOL Golden Gates Forum people are attending.
Dare I mention, Maven, Smith, Morgan & Mello for enjoying working with them and the knowledge they impart.

I a few years ago had the pleasure of meeting Curt Witcher at the Allen County Library in Indiana. He is my PERSI go to man.

Other people that I have enjoyed their talks and would recommend them to try are: Jean Wilcox Hibben, Craig Mason, Christopher Child, Lisa Louise Cooke, Arlene Eakle, Gina Ortega, Randy Seaver, Tom Underhill, Thomas MacEntee, Bruce Buzbee, & Bennet Greenspan.

With all those names I may have even missed a few so I am going to try a few new ones this time and see what more I can learn. I just hope you go and enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of a fun learning event.

I am wanting to spend time with Lisa Cooke, Kathryn Doyle, Paula H., and talk more with Maureen Taylor about that elusive picture we talked of last year. I also want to talk more to the people from NEHGS on my still standing brick wall.

That is my words of Wisdom on the Wednesday before the Jamboree on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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