Thursday, June 17, 2010

Burbank Jamboree Day 3, 2010

A tour the the maze of vendors and out the door to Susan Kitchens' talk on " Tools to Capture Family Stories: The Interviewer's Brain, Ears and Mouth. Some how with a title like that I knew this was going to be fun.

As I promised self to see new lecturer's Susan was selected to start this day. Great talk, great ideas, fun lines and loved the interactive question period. I like interactive events.

Then I listened to LIsa Cooke "Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye: Seven Strategies You Need to Find Living Relatives.
Chuckling this talk brought about a question and answer period afterwards with roommates around me. A Side Bar event.

I was excited to see how Lisa used the Google Earth program to zero in on Petaluma, Ca. Now she did not know I grew up there.
Old Chicken Capitol of the World in the 1950's. Now they grow grapes and let the apple orchards rot. What a shame and waste.

Yes Petaluma is Artsy type of place today. Half the old banks are Art Museums now. Antique Shops on all most all corners.

Her finding her missing kin was a great thing to see. I am working with some one who is trying to find her Aunt's and Uncles.
So really appreciated the data she shared.

Missed Hairsteria: Hair in the Family by M Taylor. Seemed everyone was contacting me about a win in the hall.

Yes, I choose 5 CD's, I was already going to purchase two for future knowledge I missed when classes clashed.

So Yes I brought home 7 CD's to help in research. Paula it is okay it makes the selections more interesting.

Then we went to train stop and I found a classmates older sister from home setting on the bench. Actually Gwen found her
and share knowledge with me. I have still forgotten to tell MOM or my siblings.

Side Bar is that the Kitchen family appears to link to my husband's Kitchen family.

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