Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More News of Burbank's Jamboree

Yesterday I gave the duel highlights of the my beginning and ending of the Jamboree. Though I do not think it really ends, I think we just put it on hold to carry on with more learning and sharing later.

I met with the Thomas M and the other Bloggers in the Bloggers area and retrieved my goody bag. Wow, what a goody bag that was. I had only asked Thomas to please bring me a Blogger button. I do not do PayPal so was really stressed on how to acquire one. Thomas brought myself and other Bloggers, the button, beads, flashlight, and many other terrific things that were donated by various business groups. Bruce B thanks for the Roots Magic data. I am so waiting for the Mac version, so patiently, NOT. :>)

I must say the Bloggers bag is causing the retirement of the Ancestry tote. hee heee. I love that Black Bag. Thomas I thank you so much for bringing me the Blogger Button. I also "Thank You: for all the great items you were given or chose to give us at Jamboree. Thanks to all the Bloggers who helped Thomas get the bags ready and available to us. Thanks to all the vendors whom added to the goodies in the bag. I think I got them thanked while there, I hope I missed no one.

Then I helped Paula with getting things finished for the Jamboree that morning (Friday) it was fun doing it because then I hoped I would remember where the various booths were at when we officially opened. Stars the people said:" what did we do to get them?" My reply was a "Just Because" which was what Paula had stated. Then I delivered the round balloons to other booths, at this time I was finally seeing some familiar faces and getting some hugs. Awesome way to have a day.

After we opened I went to Curt W talk about Indian Research, which was as informative as I expected. I would love to go back to Ft Wayne and spend more time there someday. Guess I will have to hint loudly to my son, he lives in Michigan not that far away. It is how I got there the first time.

Then I wandered around because the event I wanted to attend was filled, the next alternate event had the same closed doors filled. So I spoke to various vendor booths and discussed various topics relating to their expertise.

My rock hound friend called me while I was in Curt's talk so when I called him he was in a lecture.

I went back to the Bloggers area and saw Thomas and Amy C, and Steve D. As they appeared deep in conversation I went out to explore more.

My room mates ended the day and we went across the way to eat Greek Food with many familiar faces and I introduced them to the rock hound friend and we all headed to the Food Court, suddenly we were with Steve D, Randy S. Linda S, Susan Kitchen (probable cousin of my husband), Gini and Steve and many other faces I was introduced to last year.

I am terrible with names at times. I can see the faces but the names just stay hidden. I have always been good with faces. So I do not blame it on age but that does not always help the matter. It was great to share the time reflecting and enjoying the company.

Steve D. I loved that choice of beverage I brought the top home to find some here. I really love Greek Food. Greek food makes a nice light meal in the evening if you choose well.

After the meal we shared taking some pictures which I will post soon.

We went back to the hotel and discussed the events of the day. I crocheted & the others read their books. We mentioned Ruth's comments about a shaker while there and since we were on the 8th floor were hoping it did not happen.

We then talked about where everyone was going to be and what about lunch for the next day.
I wanted to attend the second day. BLOGGER 1 BLOGGER 2 etc.

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