Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Treasures

Thursday's Treasures are many. I only have time to mention a few. A pile of rocks from my Uncle which make into gems.
This is an on going treasure find. Some are now not on the market since he started collecting since I was 9 or 10 years old.

I have a few pieces he made for me that I treasure a Fire Opal necklace pendant. A turquoise set of earrings he made from my sisters and my bracelets after we out grew them.

His life stories of his experience in Pearl Harbor during the attack. His many other stories of rescuing stuck yes lodge in the ground stuck ships from various bays in the east coast. One is really funny.

I have earrings and necklace that my Great Uncle( Grandma Jones brother) made for me when I was a teen. It seems the rock hounding is strong in the family. Mom on the other side of family has also always collected rocks and shells.

Anyone remember a scythe? My grandson was asking me what was used before lawn mowers and push mowers. He is the one whom prompted these thoughts. So I told him how we cut the grass around the house and the weeds and the other areas that needed trimmed. He saw one of these tools in someone's possession but was not sure what it was used for besides representing death coming.

Dad was most insisting that if we cut a thistle then we had to dig the root out so they did not come back.
I broke a scythe on a hidden rock in the ground debris. Did not make my Dad to happy. :>)

Chuckling because many of you have seen the rock near about 20 feet from MOM's house that is the biggest one she has collected.
It used to be three stories tall and wider but was blasted away to make road rock for the community before parents bought the land and house. It still is over 30 feet tall.

Home to the squirrels and snakes and birds and bugs. It used to have lots of poison oak on it so we could only climb one side of it to stay out of it.

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